.49 Shampoo at Kroger and Making Cauliflower Mash Potatoes (sort of).

Helllooooo there!

So, I consider myself I fairly good cook.  I mean I can make food and it doesn’t suck so that qualifies for being a fairly “good” cook right?

Well, I have been on this trying new recipes kick.  Also, I have been on this coupon kick!  So, I have been trying to save money.

I decided to try the cauliflower mash “potatoes.”  I looked up a recipe online and went to work.  It was fairly simple.  Cut up the cauliflower head, boil it, and use a food processor to make it into mash.

fall 2014 462
I got a medium sized head of cauliflower.
fall 2014 463
Letting it boil.

Well, I don’t have a food processor.  So it basically turned into sort of a mash and basically just little pieces of cauliflower.  It was still good.  I added some honey butter and pepper.  So, I will cross that off my making new foods list!  If you are going to make it I would highly suggest a blender of some sort!  It is a lot less calories than mash potatoes and its really is yummy (even if you don’t make it into mash all the way.)  I didn’t take an after picture because I wasn’t very excited about the fact that it didn’t turn out like I wanted it to.  But, it did turn out to be pretty tasty anyway!

Onto my couponing.  Right now Kroger is having a sale on their Suave Professionals Shampoo at $1.49.

fall 2014 443

They have a $1.00 off coupon on their app.  So its .49 cents!

They are also adversting thier Totinos Pizza for 4/$5.00 and the app has a $1.00 off on four pizzas.  So you are paying $1.00 each!   I am loving this app!  And I am loving these awesome savings!


Until next time -xoxo


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