Dogpatch USA, The abandon theme park

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The first weekend of December 2014, my Dad, my son and I got to explore an old abandon theme park (legally) called Dogpatch USA. It was opened in 1968 and gave home to the characters from the comic strip “Lil Abner.” Dogpatch was supposed to be the Disneyworld of the Ozark Mountains. Its located in Marble Falls, AR between Jasper and Harrison, Arkansas.dogpatch

In its heyday it was packed. Cars would be lining up for miles to get in. It went through multiple partners and difficulties. One of the biggest was when the Lil Abner comic strip was stopped. (Just imagine a few years later children had never heard of Lil Abner or any of the characters from the comic strip.)

Here are some of the main characters from the comic strip

It was closed down officially in 1993.

A few years ago a younger guy was nearly decapitated on the property (he had permission from the owners to be on the property) and he sued for money but got the park. This year Dogpatch was sold to a man named Charles Pelsor (from what I know is a self-made millionaire and really has to be a great guy for opening up the park for FREE to the public that has tried to sneak pictures for years!) In an interview I saw he said he wanted to make it into an Artisan Village and open it back up again! (pretty exciting.)

I have to say I was so excited to get to explore the park!  I have drove by so many times and tried to sneak a peak over the years!  Its sad to think this park that at one time was so huge and had brought so many jobs to the area, was just going to waste for 21 years!

Here are various pictures from our Journey through Dogpatch USA!

Dogpatch USA 131

Dogpatch USA 139

Dogpatch USA 140

Dogpatch USA 144

Dogpatch USA 151

Dogpatch USA 150
Did I mention they made us sign waivers.

Dogpatch USA 152

Dogpatch USA 160
Here is the old train station which rumors are they want to bring back the trains

Dogpatch USA 161

Dogpatch USA 162

 Dogpatch USA 164

Dogpatch USA 165

Dogpatch USA 166

Dogpatch USA 167

Dogpatch USA 168

Dogpatch USA 156

Dogpatch USA 157

Dogpatch USA 158

Dogpatch USA 169

Dogpatch USA 171

Dogpatch USA 172

Dogpatch USA 173

Dogpatch USA 174

Dogpatch USA 175

Dogpatch USA 176

Dogpatch USA 177

There were so many awesome things to see.  So much of it had been run down by trespassers which is really sad people think they need to bust out all of the windows and steal everything that they can!

I will post more about the park as the year goes by and they clean up more and start doing some remodeling!

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8 thoughts on “Dogpatch USA, The abandon theme park

  1. We used to go to Dogpatch every year when I was a kid. We didn’t get to go that weekend, but hopefully they will do it again. I am trying to find some old pics (circa mid ’70’s) of my family here. I have great memories of that place. Thanks for the post!


  2. Abandoned park, abandoned media content – how the cultural views change. How many schools hold or know about a Sadie Hawkins dance now. We had them when I I was a student. When I became a teacher, Lo these many years ago, they had to explain who and what the characters were all about. When you have to teach them about a cultural ” tradition” you know it is destined for the quaint ash heap of history.

    Done correctly, the park can become a historical sociological artifact that could draw a wide range of visitors.

    Thanks for dropping by my Implied Spaces blog. My Dark Pines Photo blog is more photo oriented and a little less experimental. 😀

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    1. I think they were thinking since the comic strip was so popular that it would always stay that way and they would always have customers. Unfortunately through many series of events including bankruptcy the park was abandon.
      I always knew what the Sadie Hawkins dance was but we never had one and I haven’t heard of them being popular now. Times do change.


  3. My parents took me to DogPatch as a child in the 80″s. It was a lot of fun and a treasure for my dad.He went as a kid and loved bringing us to share his memories and new fun with us. Please email me with more tour dates and updates on future plans for this much deserved comeback park . Jenniferlignoul@ yahoo. Com ….. Can’t wait to share this experience with my kids ….. Hope mr Pelsor can open in 2016…… Much love for Dogpatch!!!!!


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