Netflixing Sherlock Holmes

Hellooooooooooooooo there!

First off I have to say I was shocked when I heard and read the news from Paris today!  We are in the process of planning a trip to England and Paris at the end of the year so I was really sadden today when I heard the news.  I wish that we could all just be nicer to each other.  Such a sad situation!  Je Suis Charlie.

Onto a little lighter news.  I have been obsessed with BBC crime shows on Netflix.  We don’t have cable.  This was something I decided a long time ago.  We just aren’t home enough to watch that much TV.  I will watch a little Netflix after my son goes to bed at night.  Over the past few months I have watched:


Black Mirror-This show is freaky deaky ya’ll.  I didn’t realize that every episode follows a different story line.  It is a really great show.  It is basically showing how out of touch with reality people are and how in touch with technology they have become.  (No, this isn’t a crime show but, it is a British show.)


Broadchurch-This is my show y’all.  It’s a total who-done-it.  I love love love it!  If you like shows that you don’t know who the murderer is until the very in, than you will love this show!

The FallThis has Gillian Anderson from X-FILES in it.  It is a really good show!  It also has the main guy from the upcoming 50 Shades of Grey  movie, Jamie Dornan as a serial killer.  He is sort of like a  British version of Dexter.


The thing I have noticed about British shows is that the seasons are really short by having only a few episodes or having three 90 minute episodes for a season.  It means you can watch all of them fairly fast.

So, last night I ventured into Sherlock Holmes.


I had been sort of hesitant to start watching it.  I had watched the main character Benedict Cumberbatch in the movie August:Osage County.  And, I wasn’t really into him. (*spoiler alert) He plays a guy that was in love and dating his cousin that ends up being his sister……so thats why I was like whattttttt?   I came out of it thinking what did I seriously just watch?  I hate downing anybodies work because obviously those people worked really hard on it and I know how hard it is to film and edit and all that stuff.  This movie just didn’t resonate with me.  Maybe you will like it?!?!?!

Anyway, so I started watching Sherlock Holmes last night anddddddd

I love it!

I can see why the show has had so much praise and why Cumberbatch has gotten so many positive reviews!  And I love seeing his character.  I am nowhere nearly as extreme as he is when studying people but I am pretty good at it.  And, I think that’s why I have enjoyed it so far!

Anyway I am off.  I think its time for a little Netlifxing!

I hope YOU are having a good day in your little corner of the world!

Until next time!



2 thoughts on “Netflixing Sherlock Holmes

  1. I couldn’t’ help but laugh my ass off in the first episode of Black Mirror. I know it’s a very serious thing, but I just couldn’t accept the initial premise. I have yet to watch the other five episode out right now but- wow. Different for sure.


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