Marvel Universe Live

Well helloooooo there!

So a few weeks ago I took my son to see Marvel Universe Live. I had seen a commerical for it and looked it up to see how much the prices were. Tickets for kids were only $16!!!! Most of the time stuff like that has tickets for 80+

I really wasn’t sure what to expect. Let’s just say out of a 10 I give the show atleast a 15!

Truly it was THAT good!

They have all the characters including Thor, spider-man, Iron Man, Storm, the Green Goblin and so so many more. It is a great story line and it is LIVE ACTION!

They had dirt bikes, pyrotechnics an people fighting 30 feet in the air.

These people that do this put on an amazing show!







I would recommend this show! And my son LOVED it!

Anyway I am off. Hope your having a great day in your corner of the world!
Until next time


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