Banana Pancakes

Helloooooo there!

This has been a pretty weird week. I have felt like I have gotten so much done BUT I have procrastinated on this last paper for my American Modernism class. The good news is I already wrote 12 pages out of at least 16. The bad is it’s due this weekend (I will have to turn it in by Friday bc I work all weekend) And I haven’t looked at it in weeks!

I am glad I am in grad school and that I have the opportunity to even go!  But dang these past few months have worn me out. At least I get a week break next week!  So the majority of my day will be finishing up the paper and of course being a single mom that means. Working on the paper in 5-20 minute increments while saving toys from getting lost to making snacks and making sure the kid is entertained by colors or toys for at least a few minutes.

This morning I got this idea to make banana pancakes. I used a really easy recipe and I have to say they turned out so amazing. And surprisingly really sweet.

I used half the amount of pancake mix I normally do and mixed in two mashed up bananas (that I mashed up with a fork) added the water to the batter and mixed it all together.





I added some cinnamon before I finished mixing it all together.

I cooked it like I normally would pancakes and my 3 year old told me he LOVED them!  I will be doing them again for sure!

20150129_102150I cooked them into really small pancakes11 and added strawberries on top. The sausage is veggie sausage from Morning Star. I love Morning Star they have tons of vegetarian selections.

It was a yummy breakfast. Now I am off to finish up this paper.

I hope your having a good day in your corner of the world.

Until next time.



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