Catfish nailed to a barn.

Hellooooo there

I am currently writing this as I procrastinate finishing a last post for my American Modernism class.  I would be doing it, seeing how I just finish a very long paper.  But, I realized there is so much reading (whyyyyyyy) just for a little 300 word post.  So, I decided to write a little blog.  By the time you actually read this I will be already done with the class.  (I am scheduling this post for later.)

As soon as I finish this last post on Blackboard I will have an entire week break of grad school!  I am so so glad!

I hope we will have many adventures in just a little weeks time.  I can’t possible sit in the house all week.  That is never ever ever any fun!

I was looking through some old pictures on my laptop (even more procrastination) and I found some.  I thought I would share some I found from summer of 2007 these were all taken in various part of the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas.

This is an old walking bridge that is about 40 miles from civilization. I have heard lots of “scary” stories about this bridge. But, lets just say this same day I took this on the other side of the line of trees is an open huge field. As I got to the other side and watched, all of the sudden all of these blackbirds started flying off like something had spooked them but, there was nobody out there it was just us. Needless to say we ran as fast as we could back across the bridge and to the car. 
Yes those are catfish nails to the side of the barn. This is also about 40 miles from the nearest town.

This is one of my most favorite spots in the world. There are no weird bridges or catfish nailed to the side of a barn here 🙂 

Now you probably are convinced there is some Wrong Turn business going down in Arkansas……

I am sure everyone has stories from woods around where they live.  What are yours?

Until Next time….I guess I should stop blogging and looking through pictures and finish this class up.



5 thoughts on “Catfish nailed to a barn.

  1. Oh Blackboard! The bane of my existence and the vehicle of my livelihood. I’m a professor in a grad program for an online course. Too familiar with the struggle to get things done and the pull of procrastination. I should actually be working on some sessions on Blackboard right now- but here I am. Reading your blog and commenting.
    Congrats on another course complete. It truly is something to celebrate. It is no easy task! Way to go mama!


    1. Thank you! Sometimes I feel like the semester is never going to end but it always does 🙂 How do you like doing the classes from the other side of the spectrum with teaching. I was thinking of doing it when I get my masters and go into a doctoral program.


      1. It keeps me fresh in my field. I need to stay updated on research and the new theories in education (I teach teachers how to teach ESL and I also teach ESL in public school full time). Everything you feel about getting your work done- we feel as professors too, just slightly different.


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