DIY : Homemade ooze

Helloooooooooo there!  As I said in my post last week I had all this week off from school.  So there were a ton of DIY projects we did. 
The ONE that was the biggest hit was an easy DIY homemade OOZE.  If your looking for a rainy day blues craft or just a new one this is it!

Seriously this is so simple.

You need three ingredients
1/2 cup of water
One tsp of Borax
One bottle of 4 oz school glue
(And optional is food coloring which I actually had forgotten to get at at the store)


You pour the glue into the bowl.


I let my 3-year-Old do this and it was a big hit.  This is great hands on experience for little ones.

Then you mix the hot water and borax together until the borax dissolves. 


Then you mix them all together in the bowl.


And there to you have it.  Homemade Ooze


He played with this for HOURS.


And when he was done I stored it in a sandwich bag.

This was such a great idea.  I got the original idea from these two great blogs here And here

I hope you are all having a great day in your little corner of the world.

Until next time



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