Random Acts of kindness

Hello there!  Yesterday as we were walking out of the store my son asked to ride on one of those .50 machines.  As we walked up I saw this.



So sweet for someone to leave this.

I love seeing these.  A few months ago a guy paid for 6 of our meals at Cracker Barrel and walked out without us knowing.  Until we went to pay for it and it had been taken care of.

I love seeing people doing nice things for each other!

Have you ever given or received any random acts of kindness? I haven’t figured out how I am going to pay it forward yet but I will!

Hope you are having a good day in your corner of the world!

Until next time



4 thoughts on “Random Acts of kindness

  1. This is great. Thank you! Yes, I did some smaller things recently, like just giving people a dollar here and there, and bigger things like shipping books to people and I know they want them. . And just letting people ahead in line, smiling when someone looks really grumpy, saying random compliments. it just feels so so so good to do those things. . And I received back more than I ever imagined. 🙂 Same thing, had people tell me they paid for my tickets, or let me park in their yards. It just seems to all flow. The goodness in all of us.

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