New blog, same blog?

Helloooooo there!

Well, I officially jumped into the blogging life and bought my domain.  I thought about sticking with the singlemomtakingovertheworld theme but, I decided to go with which is still

I thought it was about time I made it official.  I have been blogging on and off for a few years.  So welcome to my new site.  I am still doing some updates and messing around with things.  But, hopefully by the end of the week that will all be settled.  I also plan on being a little more personal with my blogging and blogging more.

I hope you enjoy the new site!

And thanks for all of the support, I appreciate it!

Here’s to new beginnings


6 thoughts on “New blog, same blog?

  1. Love that you are branching out, that’s brilliant, Tiffany. But the new background will have to go! I suffer from migraines and I’m afraid the zig zags could cause an epidemic! Be different, be dynamic, but not so extreme maybe?


    1. Thanks for the input. I like the background BUT I don’t like that it doesn’t have a background for the post like a solid color so you can read them better! I don’t like that at all. I will be tweeking the blog. I do not think this particular background will stay though! Sorry for the headache! And thanks for the feedback!


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