the sun is out!!!!

Helloooo there!

Well finally after all this snow and ice and more snow and ice, the sun came out today!  It was so nice to come home and the upstairs and downstairs are glowing with light from outside.  Something about wintertime is just so blah and boring.  Its been so melodramatic looking here.


This picture is from when it first started to snow the other day.

I am looking forward to the spring!  It’s always so pretty here in the spring and summer!  It always seems like there is such much more to do during the warmer months.  I hate been cooped up even if it is just for a couple of weeks.  We are outside people!  I am looking forward to canoeing.  I am sure we will be out on the water within a month!

How do things look in your corner of the world?  Is it snowing or is the sun shinning?

Until next time


8 thoughts on “the sun is out!!!!

  1. Here in MN we just got around 4-5 inches of heavy wet snow! YUCK! I typically don’t mind a fresh layer of snow around this time of year but this is a little much! Took me over an hour yesterday just to shovel the driveway. 😦

    The trees at your place look beautiful! Enjoy the sunshine and send some this way!


    1. Sounds yucky! Last year it snowed for five months off and more on than anything. I was sooooooo over it by the time spring hit. Luckily this year it only snowed for about two weeks and I think we are about done for it. I hate the shoveling! So much work! Hopefully the sun starts shinning your way soon enough!

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