spray paint.

Hello there!

So, I think I should open up another part of my blog just about the things I spray paint. (kidding)  But, seriously why didn’t I think of this stuff forever ago?  I am in love with spray painting things!

Here is a cross I did this week.  I don’t even remember who gave it to me.  But, I needed a change and this seemed like a really quick fix.


It was a pretty cross.  But, I just felt like it needed something new to it.  And, after all I can always spray paint it back white if I need to.

I spray painted it silver.  It took like an a minute and dried fairly fast. You can still see all the little details in it which I love.

20150225_181134And just like that its done.  I actually think I am going to spray paint it gold.  I am not really liking the silver but, I thought I would put it up for a week or so and see how I liked it.

What have you spray painted?  Or are planning on spray painting?

Until next time

I hope your having a good day in your corner of the world!


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