The sun is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Helloooo there.

I have been so incredibly busy here lately that I truly haven’t had the time to blog.  Last week my son turned 4!!  That was an exciting day and we had his birthday party this past Saturday.  Between all of that, school and work I really have been busy.

I had thought a week or so back that the snow was over with but then it snowed again last week!!  Whyyyyyy
But at last the snow is gone and it’s suppose to be in the 60s+ all week!


I have the windows open and we spent the morning outside.  There is really no better learning environment for a child!


This is a little pond that formed from all the snow and ice in the middle of the ball fields!!


I was picked a flower by my little love.  O the joys of having a little one!!


We got his brand new bike out and took it for a spin!!

Life is just so beautiful. This past two weeks have been insanely stressful.  And yesterday we were able to start some new chapters in our lives and I am so excited.  It’s amazing how just like, that the sun starts a new day and a new path is open to you!!

I hope you all are having a great day in your corner of the world!!


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