Two surpises in one week.

Helloooo there!

One of my most favorite things in the world is I love surprising people and just doing nice things here and there to make people happy.

Two of my best friends have birthdays the same week as I do.  A few days before my best friend Michelle turned the big 27 her mom called me up.  She said that Michelle’s boyfriend Brandon wanted to throw a surprise birthday dinner for her and asked if we could join.

*A little back story
Michelle lives an over an hour away in the state capitol and we don’t get to see each other as often as I would like.  I hadn’t seen her in several months when her mom called. *

When her mom Terri called my first thought was of course! of course! BUT the dinner was going to be Saturday night and I work.  So I told her to give me a few days to figure it out and see if I could go.  And fortunately I was able to only lose 3 hours of work so I could go!!  I never go out or do anything like this so it was exciting.

Michelle had NO idea we were coming. Brandon had told her that they were going to the restaurant Brave New Restaurant alone for a dinner so she really wasn’t expecting it.  Add in the fact I never go out and I hadn’t seen her in months equaled a perfect equation for a surprise.

We got to the restaurant and had a table in the front.  When she walked in she had no idea.  This was a fairly nice restaurant so she started to scream she was so excited but then realized where she was (ha) and just ran over to the table to give us hugs. She was so surprised!  It was perfect.


Me and Michelle.  Best friends for 15 years. 


A few days later one of my other best friends Robin was turning the big 27.  This past November as she would have been celebrating her first wedding anniversary she found out her husband was cheating on her with his daughters mom, who was now expecting a child with him (again). 

Robin has been through so so much this last few months and the beginning of April was 10 years since her mom passed away.  She was thrown out into the world after just turning 17 and has had a beautifully rough life.  I thought there is no way I could surprise Michelle and not surprise Robin who is going through so so much. 

The thing is, is that Robin lives in Memphis over 3 hours away and I haven’t seen her since I married (I got ordained over the internet) her and her ex-husband in November of 2013.  So I knew she would never ever be expecting me and my son to show up at her house.

The day of her birthday we left home and I called her to tell her a “package” would be delivered to her door between 1-1:30.

I usually talk to her several times a day so as we talked on the phone that day as I was driving the interstate it was hard to hide we were on our way!  She even asked me if I would meet her in Little Rock that night and I had to lie which I hate doing and make up some excuse. 

My map on my phone even started talking at one point when I was on the phone with her and I just hung up on her real fast. Ha!

We arrive to her place right about 1:30. I knocked on the door and covered the peep hole.  She opened the door up and screamed “is this for real” with a look of shock and the grabbed me and hugged me.  It was so so sweet!  The three of us spent the day in downtown Memphis and the went over into Mississippi and ate dinner with a friend of hers.  It was such a wonderful day!!  And she was so sooooooo surprised. She really had no idea!




It was such a wonderful week full of beautiful surprises! 

Have you ever been surprised?  Or been the one giving a surprise? 

I hope your having a wonderful day in your corner of the world!


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