Alone time?!?!? Being a single parent.

Helloooo there

Today I got to spend some time alone.  Alone?  You might ask. Yes this concept that I have no idea what it is anymore. Since becoming a parent I have had very few instances of being alone.  Mostly they are when I drive to and from work.  I even did a blog a while back about this. I really enjoy having my son with me all the time.  I know soon enough he will be off in the world and I won’t get to have so much quality time with me so I soak it up every chance I get.

Today he went to his grandparents on his dad’s side for a few hours and I got to be alone.  Its a very strange feeling being alone when you are always with someone.

I decided to make the best of it and I took my dog and ventured out to a waterfall area that I had been brought to about five years ago. Its called Horsehead Lake it’s located in Clarksville, Arkansas. 

I wasn’t even sure if I would be able to find it.  You have to park on the side of the road and then walk across the side of the lake which is a huge natural dam. Then you walk through the Forrest a short distance. To find this……


It’s just as beautiful as I recall.



Even the dog enjoyed himself.


This is the top of it.

I just love being outside. There is so many beautiful things to see around here.


It was a beautiful day.

I sat back and reflected on my life.  How the last time I had been to this spot was just a month or so before I got pregnant.  And so much has changed in these last five years.  I don’t think I have had time to even process some of the changes until now.  It was nice to sit and reflect on life. 

As I walked back I saw this on the other side of the natural dam. 


I just love this picture!

I hope your having a good day in your corner of the world!


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