Performing my THIRD marriage ceremony

Hellooooo there!

My blogging has been lacking this last month!  Mainly because we have been so busy!  If you remember about a year and a half ago I got ordained over the internet so I could marry one of my best friends and her boyfriend at the time.

It was a beautiful ceremony outside of Memphis, TN.  My son was the ring bearer and his daughter was the flower girl!

A year later this past October a lady from work asked me to perform her marriage ceremony.  It was sort of strange because I honestly never thought I would marry a second couple.  I just sort of thought it would be this cool thing I could tell people years from now.

Last week a friend of mine called and said she was marrying the love of her life.  So of course I offered to marry them!  It was sort notice but, it turned out to be a nice ceremony down by the lake.  It even stopped raining for a few hours so we could enjoy the weather.

So here I am a year after being ordained and I have done three wedding ceremonies.  Each different and unique in their own way.  I have a friend who I am thinking will end up getting married in the next year.  And, that is a ceremony I am excited about doing!

Life is so strange sometimes.  Good strange.  But, strange.

Anyway I am off to finish up homework!  I just thought I would check in!

I hope everyone is having a great day in their corner of the world!

Until next time


2 thoughts on “Performing my THIRD marriage ceremony

    1. Thank you! But actually its not a career change! I just decided to do it for a friend a year and a half ago. I truly thought that would be the only wedding I would ever do. And, I just sort of fell into doing two more. Now I figure I will do one or two a year. I don’t charge. Its all just a free thing to do for someone! I have really enjoyed it to!


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