Deaths & Births

Hello there!

It has been a while since I have gotten a chance to sit down and really blog.  I have had so much going on.  You know when life just changes in the blink of an eye.  And its hard to look back and remember what it was like before…..well thats how its been for the two of us.

Weddings.  Pregnancies.  Deaths.  It’s all happened the past few weeks.  They say that things come in threes.  It seems like that here lately.

In a 12-hour period I found out someone I am close to is 5-months pregnant and attended a funeral.  It is a high-risk pregnancy because of health issues.  There are a lot of other factors involved too.  It the sort of news that you get and you go into full-blown how do you take care of this mood.  My first instinct is to think….what do I have to pass down….what do I need to start stocking up for her….what will the baby need….what does she need.  It’s just this basic natural take over of what to do to help.

Then 12-hours later I was at a funeral of my best friend since sixth-grade’s Nana.

Her Papa and Nana had been married for 61 years.  She told me a story once when he was in the war he would get these china sets for her that were rare and send them back.  Today she is being buried and he wanted to be the only one there so he could have his time with her.  I told her I hope that I am only half as lucky to find someone who loves me like that in this lifetime.

Life is just crazy.  There I was yesterday celebrating the life of this incredible woman, while we preparing for a new baby to arrive this Fall.  Life comes full circle in the most incredible ways.

I hope everyone is having a great day in their corner of the world.

Until next time


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