The Pope & NYC again

Hellooooo there!

So if you didn’t already know I am a cradle Roman Catholic.  That basically means both of my parents were Catholic.  I was born and raised in the Catholic Church and attended Catholic school until 6th grade.  (It only went to 5th).

I am a free-spirit thinker, I truly believe that I don’t believe in the same God that so many people claim to believe in.  I think we are all connected in a way that we can’t express in words.  We are here to do good and to put good out there.  I don’t believe in hating people.  I don’t think it’s my job to tell people how to run their lives or not.  I don’t like when people use any religion to justify their actions or lack of actions.  I think it’s a personal choice that we all make everyday to do good or to not.  And, using religion to justify that completely changes the entire point of religion.  The reason I have stayed Catholic is because it fits with me.  I have a very non-traditional life.  I am a single mom.  But, I am not the definition that most people think of when they think of what a “single mom” is.  I graduated from College.  I am not on any government assistance.  (Which isn’t a bad thing if you are.  It does help so so many people that truly need it.)  I am a year away from completing a Master.  I plan on continuing my education into a Doctoral Program (for what…I am not sure yet.)  My son is happy.  He has a great life.  We get to travel and see all sorts of things a lot of people from small towns never get to see.  I enjoy the traditions that the Church brings.  I enjoy our church.  I have never had anyone act different towards us because I am a single parent.  I don’t feel that “Mom-eat-mom” environment when we are at our church.  In a lot of ways continuing to be Catholic in adulthood has really held my life together.  And, I am so grateful for that.

And, I really love the new Pope.  Pope Francis is the people’s Pope and he is truly what the Church needed.  He brings awareness to the issues that some dioceses have had.  And, the loves the people….ALL OF THEM.

I have a friend who is older.  He is 70.  He has become like part of the family.  He doesn’t have any family left.  He never had any kids.  I feel very responsible for him.  He isn’t in terrible health but he has had some major issues.  Anyways he became Christian when he was older….maybe in his 40s.  He always has so many questions about Catholics.  I guess I never realized how much of the general population that isn’t Catholic, has no idea what being Catholic even means.  I have gotten questions from why we worship false idols to why the Pope washed the feet of sinners in prison.  The false idols was an easy answer…we don’t.

The other one really upset me.  We are suppose to be loving people.  Why wouldn’t the Pope accept everyone.  He washed the feet of sinners in prison the same way that Jesus did washed the feet of sinners.  He loves everyone.  That’s why he is such a great fit.  And, a great fit for my life.  We could all use a little more love and acceptance in our lives.

He is coming to Philadelphia in September, this is his first visit to the United States.  My best friend Katie (the one who came with us to NYC last summer) my son and I are going to go!

I am so excited.  I feel like this is one of the things that might only happen once in a lifetime.  We will fly back to NYC and spend a few days there with our other BFF that lives on Staten Island and then take the Amtrak to Philly for the day.  I have never been to Philly so that will be exciting in itself.  Then getting to see the Pope…that’s probably the most Catholic thing I have ever done.  I am also excited that my son gets to see the Pope.  Katie she isn’t even Catholic but she is so excited about getting to see him also.

Is anyone else going?  I would love to hear about your plans!

Also has anyone been to Philly or lives there?  What are some must do and must NOT do things?

I hope everyone is having a great day in their corner of the world!

Until next time


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