The Clinton Library


Helloooo there!

A few weeks ago we went to Little Rock (Arkansas) to visit the William J. Clinton Presidential Center, or more commonly known as the Clinton Library.  If you are from Arkansas even if you don’t like Bill or Hillary they are well-known faces around the state.  They actually just changed Little Rock National Airport name to, “The Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport.”

The Center is hosting a dinosaur exhibit until November, so I thought it would be a perfect way to spend the day!

Admission is FREE for 6 and under.  Which FREE is great!

And admission for adults are $7.  So for the two of us it was only $7 which is quite a steal.

The Center is also a huge several story museum and that is part of the admissions package.

The dinosaur exhibits are all throughout the building.  So you get to explore United States History while coming into contact with live action dinosaurs.

We walked around the museum and my son seemed to really enjoy all the cool stuff.  The library basically gives timelines from when Bill was a child to his presidency and everything in-between.  It was neat to see all of the artifacts and information from the White House.



Bill and Hillary in the early years.




As you can see its massive.  This is just a fraction of the information that you get throughout it.  All of those little cutouts have various information throughout them.  What I found most interesting was that even though the Center is chronicling Bills life it also has so much information about the United States and the world during his presidency.  Which is great


What a State dinner would look like.


There were also so many amazing gifts from Artist from around the world featured here.  This one is my favorite.

Overall it is a great way to spend $7 bucks.  The featured exhibits changed throughout the year so you can see different things.  But, the information alone that you get from the center is enough to spend the afternoon walking around and never seeing the same thing twice!

Have you every been to the center?  Or visited Arkansas?

Let me know!


You can find out more information on the center by visiting here

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