Finally my garden is growing!

After many months of seeding, planting, tending and watering I finally have produce from my garden!


I found this guy hiding underneath the bush.

If you have ever had a garden you know how exciting that first one is!

I also found a little tomato which should be ready in the next few days! All of that rain the past few months is paying off!

How is your garden growing this year?


4 thoughts on “Finally my garden is growing!

  1. Congratulations on growing your own produce! I can’t garden; never had any success with it. I think it’s because we have a lot of trees around the house, so shade and their leaves/needles make the soil too acidic or something. Very nice blog. Blessings!

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    1. I had thought nothing was going to come up. This is my first year of gardening. And I really don’t know what I am doing! Ha! So I was surprised to find what I found yesterday! Hopefully more are on their way! Thanks for stopping by!


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