Second book of poetry.

Hello!  So if you didn’t already know, at the end of 2013 my dad wrote and I put together a collection of poetry.  (Authored by my dad, I  did the editing, putting together and self-publishing.)

It was a stressful but really amazing experience.  We self-published through and you can check out the book and ebook HERE

Now a year and a half later I have been putting off putting together his second book.  I put about 118 pages last summer.  But ended up having a bunch of other stuff going on and never went back to it.

Finally yesterday I started back again.  His first book called Tears So Dark, had a variety of poetry but he mainly focused on Veterans (where he channeled his own experiences with being a Marine in Vietnam), his life work of being in the Behavioral Mental Health field for over 30 years, and his ancestry made up of Native American stories passed down.

This collection of poetry has a little bit different look and feel to it compared to the first book.  It is a huge undertaking to start a book.  Before the first book I never thought about how much time and effort goes into producing a book.  But, there are so many little details that go into it.  It have such a greater appreciation for writers and editors after all of this!

So here we go again, for book two!  Wish us luck!



8 thoughts on “Second book of poetry.

      1. Yes, absolutely, I worked with someone in self publishing two books also, and getting them into most libraries in the country, I know it takes so much work!! It took us about a decade for 2 books – or writing, publishing, distributing… Good luck!!!! Will you post some of his poems?


      2. I can see turning out books easily been a decade or more. I don’t know how many writers I hear of that say it takes years and years. I have been writing several different books for going on….about three or four years now. I feel like I have gotten nothing done. But, its a hard job! I will post some poems maybe next week when I have a break from school!

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