Why I picked an ONLINE school to get a graduate degree from.

Hello there!

In December of 2013 I (finally) graduated with my Bachelors!  After 7.5 ridiculously long years of undergrad I was finished….well atleast with that part.

I always knew I wanted to continue my education.  My brother is a lawyer/judge, my sister has one masters and is working on her second one.  My dad (who is by far the smartest of all of us) of course paved the way for all of us by obtaining his Associates, Bachelors and Master while working full-time and raising a family.

So, not that it’s a competition or anything….

lol No really it’s not.

But, I have always felt like well, if everyone else in my family can do it, of course I can too.  And, being a single parent wasn’t going to stop me in any way from continuing my education.  More than anything it made me push to keep going.

By the end of undergrad. I was exhausted.  Mentally and physically just drained.

Going to class full-time took a lot out of me.  I was also working full-time and being a parent.  So I knew moving on with school I wanted to do something different.

I looked for about five months online.  Searching for any legitimate school.  One that was accredited, one that was a brick and mortar school first and one that I was going to generally feel comfortable with.

There is a reason it took five months to find Southern New Hampshire University.

To begin with there are so many schools that “claim” they can offer you this or that.  One school I looked up on google earth was in a shopping center.  It was nothing more than an office building.

I read through review after review after review for months it seemed like.

Finally one day I stumbled across an ad for SNHU.  I decided to check it out.  Soon enough my soon to be advisor was calling me to introduce the school to me.  He was consistent in providing me information about every step I needed to take in order to get accepted.  I never felt like I was being forced into anything.  We talked several times about what I wanted to do, what my options would be and what I could expect.  Honestly, I was really impressed.




Now a year later after starting classes I have less than a year left until I graduate with my masters.  Every step of the way my advisor has called to talk about my class I am currently taking and will be taking.  It puts my mind at ease knowing that my entire time at the school is planned out properly.

The school sent a little care package after enrolling including a code for a free T-shirt or Coffee Mug. Which might not be a big deal but, considering I live in Arkansas and the school is in New Hampshire I feel connected in a way through those little details.

The classes have been exactly what I would expect.  They have been challenging, some a little time more time-consuming than others but, mostly I have been able to really learn and grow through each and every one of them.

They are laid out so you know what is due every week and for the upcoming weeks.  There is no mystery. There is no guessing if you have done all the assignments that week.  Everything is laid out and simple to find and follow.  The teachers (who are from all over the US) tend to give out their personal cell phone numbers so you can call them anytime you have any questions.

Mainly I needed something that didn’t require going into a classroom.  I don’t have the time anymore to go to class 5 days a week.  This is awesome.  I can sit on my couch and get my homework done.

When I tell people I am going to an online school they usually say one of these things:

They assume it’s not a “real school.”

That it’s too hard to focus.

That it would be too hard to keep up with

That they need to be in the classroom to learn.

Honestly I feel like this experience has been one where I get more one-on-one attention with my peers and my teachers.  Everything is laid out in front of you for the entire semester so there isn’t anything you have to keep up with week to week expect your assignments.  It takes motivation to do it but, it takes less than it does it to get up and go to classes several times a week.  Logging on and doing homework a few times a week is a lot less time spent away.

I know it’s not for everyone.  But, it has been a really great thing for me.  I get more time with my son.  I don’t have to worry about going to class and scheduling my life around my classes.  It just works for us.

I hope this has been helpful if you are thinking about doing online classes.

You should always do your own research to see if the school you pick is the right school for you!


3 thoughts on “Why I picked an ONLINE school to get a graduate degree from.

  1. I went to online school too, and I LOVED it. Well, to be honest, I went to a school where I attended classes in person first, and then to a school where o had the option to do all classes online. I definitely don’t feel that I learned more from either school, and I loved the option of doing things in my own time.

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