Today’s travels-Hwy 7

Hello there!

Today I have to work on a paper for the end of the semester.  I knew I wanted to spend the morning doing something fun so the evening I could spend working on the paper.

Living here in Arkansas we are surrounded by beauty.  I have had this itching to go backroading here lately.  I think it is just that feeling of needed to get back to my roots.  (I will do another post on all that in the next few days.)


So we drove up through the mountains to enjoy this beautiful state.  We stopped at one of my favorite rest stops up Hwy 7.  If you are ever in the Ozark Mountains going through Hwy 7 you need to check out the Rotary Ann Scenic Rest stop.  We used to drive up Hwy 7 every Sunday to visit my grandparents farm.  All these years later its still one of my favorite roads.

Here is the beautiful view from today.


It is just so beautiful up there.  Have you ever heard the Miranda Lambert Song-House That Built Me?  This song reminds me of going up into the mountains to me.

Today was just such a beautiful day with my little love.  This evening we are watching movies and working on my paper….or really procrastinating and doing a blog post…..

I hope everyone is having a beautiful day in their corner of the world.



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