The 4th.

Hello there!

Tomorrow is the Fourth of July here in the USA.

Here in Arkansas it has been raining.  And it is raining.  It is supposed to rain tomorrow also.


We picked up some fireworks last night and shot them off right before the storm came and it stormed all night long.  So at least if it doesn’t clear up by tomorrow night we got to do some fireworks.  And, we have some left over so I am sure they will get used as soon as it stops raining.

What are your plans for the 4th?  We are going to a BBQ tonight if it doesn’t rain and then tomorrow going to a friend’s house to do fireworks.

Happy 4th Yall!


2 thoughts on “The 4th.

  1. We went to a parade in DC that my kiddo was in, and then we saw some of the 2015 Fairfax Police and Fire World Games, we came home and watched a movie, we are going to the pool and then fireworks.:) We are doing all of this between rain storms. Hope you have a safe and fun day!

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