Arkansas Travelers Game….for work.

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Hello there,

So my work had gotten a bunch of Arkansas Travelers tickets for us.  So, last Saturday we all loaded up and enjoyed a free minor league baseball game.

It was beautiful but, HOT around 103F with a heat index (basically what it feels like it is outside) of 113F.

20150711_192254_Pano (1)

The Travs lost 7-2 (I think.)  But, it was still a nice night at the ballpark.  And, we got a free bobblehead of the pitcher.  My son loved it!  He has it on his shelf in his room.

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We sat in the “Beer Garden,” and the tickets are normally only $7 which is such a great deal.  I never really thought of it as something to do on a Saturday night.  We all had a really great time and enjoyed ourselves!

I hadn’t been to a Travs game in a while so it was pretty cool to get to go again.

Until next time


4 thoughts on “Arkansas Travelers Game….for work.

  1. I like taking the kids occasionally to these events. Our minor league team, The York Revolution, definitely has all kinds of cutesy and silly things for the kids to enjoy. And it’s generally a fun evening out. Even if I’m not a big fan of watching sporting events.

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    1. I am not a fan of baseball that much. I played softball for years and loved it but, I am one of those people that much rather play than watch. But, I do love me some Arkansas Razorback Football in the Fall! That is a huge thing around here. HUGE!


      1. I’m the same way with playing softball when I was a kid and preferring to play than watch! I don’t get into football at all. Terribly boring to me. But my youngest son has played and so I’m there going GO TEAM! whenever he’s on a field.


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