Backroadin’ the Atkins Bottoms.

Backroading.  Muddin.  Mud Boggin.

These are all interchangable words Southerners use for, “getting in touch with nature, preferably with a cold drink (not always) but, sometimes just to clear your head.”

A few weeks ago a friend of mine took me to the, “Atkins Bottoms.”  I have never been.  Most of the time when I go backroading it is up Highway 7 North.  We will find a few dirtroads off the main road and spend the day exploring this beautiful state. 

Atkins is a really small town that was my high schools “Rival” team.  It is a beautiful place where many of the building are stuck in time..  Last summer I explored Atkins you can check out those blogs here & here. 

The Bottoms are beautifully peaceful.  It is basically just flatlands with fields and orchards surrounded by sunny skies and endless picture perfect clouds.

This is one of my favorite pictures from the day. Most of the time when you think of Arkansas you think about mountains and water but, we have so much farmland throughout the state also.
Crops. Not sure what kind.
Corn. Lots and lots of corn.


It was a beautiful day.  It is always nice to explore new places.

I hope you are having a great day in your corner of the world.

Until next time.


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