Little moments.

diary of a single mom in the south

theroa quote

You know those moments that only happen a few times in your life.  Where the entire world seems to slip away?  All of your worries and problems just slowly slide off of you and exist elsewhere for a few moments. 

You take in a deep breath and you are filled a primal need….an urge…to just exist….to survive.  You are wrapped in nature….the moon is slowly making its way across the sky and the sun has its last few breaths before it sets.

And just for a moment you feel a deep connection with the universe that grabs you at your core.  Something deep inside of you is changed….its moved…it’s twisted and turned and a part of you that didn’t exist before now did.

Just like that things make sense.  The things you spent so much time worrying about aren’t worries anymore.  You are moved.  You are different.  You are who…

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