Sometimes you just need to….



Sometimes you just need to sit in bed and play Lego’s with your 4-year-old.


Because in three weeks he will be starting Pre-K.

Because in three weeks you will be rushing around to get him up, and get him breakfast, and make sure he has his uniform on and out the door before the bell rings.  A schedule he will have until he turns old enough to leave the comfort of your home and venture out into the real world.  A schedule that he will keep throughout college and then onto his own kids.

But, before all of that happens.  And, before the world starts to become all too real.

You and him will sit with Lego’s, dinosaurs, books or whatever he comes up with that day from his room, and you will enjoy those little tiny moments of peace and joy.

Because sometimes it is these little moments that you need more than anything else.





Enjoy these little moments.


2 thoughts on “Sometimes you just need to….

  1. Amen, sista! We definitely need those times! I am currently typing and playing legos with my 14 month old! It really makes you feel connected through simple play! These are the moments we will cherish forever. Thank you for sharing this and touching my heart. I hope that these weeks are filled with beautiful, lasting memories and that your little lovebug enjoys school! 🙂

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