The summer is starting to end……..

Hello there!

A little over two weeks from now my 4-year-old starts Pre-K.  He never has been to a day-care center so this is his first official big send off into the world.  As summer is starting to come to a close I feel like I am the one back in elementary school or even middle/high school.  All those little things that lead up to school starting again like getting new clothes (we went and picked up all his uniforms the other day…it was a weird moment…the uniforms have changed since I was at the school, but they are still so much the same.), getting school supplies, making sure everything is in order for school to start.  This has been such a great summer.  It doesn’t really seem like it will be coming to an end.  It probably won’t really hit until I get in my car from dropping him off on the first day.

We are going on a little overnight getaway the week before school starts with one of my best friends and that will be nice to have a nice little end to the summer.

It is strange when you have kids how much every little moment seems to hold so many different emotions.  In each of these little moments over the past few months, I have found myself just being so grateful.  Life is such a beautiful thing.  Love is such a beautiful thing.

Hope your enjoying your day in your corner of the world!


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