First day with my GoPro Hero 3

Hello there,

So yesterday I got my GoPro Hero 3 in the mail!  I was so excited!  Today I wanted to just go out and test it before I went and did any major shooting.  We went up on Mt. Nebo.  It is this beautiful Mountain that isn’t too far from home.

The thing I love about this camera (besides the amazing shots) is that you can connect it to your phone through the GoPro app and take pictures from your phone and you can also review the pictures as you want on the app.

This is one of my favorite shots from today.

G0450175 - Edited

It is nothing fancy.  Nothing too crazy.  It was just a great way to experiment with the camera and see what it has to offer.  And, I think I am going to be really happy with it!  Tommorow we are going to do some underwater shots and maybe next week some night shots.

Hope you are having a GREAT day in your corner of the world.


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