Abandon City Hall Train Station NYC


Hello there!

As we were gearing up for this trip to NYC, I really wanted to see things that were off the normal path that “travelers” get to see. I love touristy things of course.  We did all that last year. And, soaked it up again here and there this trip again.  But, I really wanted to see things you have to know are there or you will miss them.

I have heard about the abandon City Hall train station in NYC for years now.  I had to find it or see it this trip.

We were parting ways with a friend of ours at Grand Central Station and found the New York Transit Museum and Gallery Annex and Store Which is FREE and has a lot of information on the subways from their beginnings.  It is a great way to spend an hour if you have some extra time.

There is also a store inside of the Museum. It has tons of magnets for $3.00. We are big magnet collectors.  Since my son’s first time out of state lines, we have gotten a magnet from every state except Mississippi (because we couldn’t find one at all) that he has been to.  I wanted to do something that he could visually follow as he gets older and connect it to the places he has been and the things that he has seen.

I asked the cashier about the old city hall station. And she told me to take the 6 green train from Grand Central to the new City Hall station. Over the loudspeakers it would say it is the last stop and everyone to get off but you do not have to get off and it will go through the station.

We got on the 6 and rode it to the “last stop” and sure enough the loud speakers say it’s the last stop and for all passengers to get off.  We had a few people turn around and tell us it is the last stop. The cashier had told us they can’t make you get off and you have the option to stay on.  So we did.

Within a few seconds, the train starts again.  It slowly makes its way around the tracks to

The old City Hall

If you are facing the front of the train be looking out the right side.  It goes by really quick so you only get a few seconds to glance into a lost piece of NYC time.

Click to view video.

The first-day our phones were dead.  The 6 train doesn’t run through the old City Hall on Sat and Sun so we had to wait until Monday. And this video is all I could capture in the few seconds we went by it.

It was still really cool.  I was excited to see something that is sort of frozen in time and surrounded by people but abandon at the same time.

Have you ever seen the old City Hall?

I found this picture online so you can see in a little bit more detail what it looks like.



You can check out this website that give more detail about the city hall station.


I was the train wasn’t going by so fast but, we did get to see it which a really cool experience.



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