October Falls.

Fall is here?  That is sort of strange to say.  Up until a week and a half ago we have had days in the 90s.  So, all of the sudden all of the trees are trying to catch up with the time of the year it actually is instead of what the temps have been.

The world is once again burnt orange.

The last month has just been a strange one.  This time of the year we are always so busy.  It seems like this year has been especially busy.

I am taking two graduate classes (which is considered full-time) this semester.  I wanted to do it so I could hopefully graduate in the spring.  I didn’t know how that would pan out but, so far so good.  They are both classes that I am enjoying so that has a lot to do with my outlook on it also.

Saturday is Halloween!  We did our Halloween yesterday.  A local church had a “trunk-or-treat,” that they put on every year. It is where there are probably 50-75 cars with their trunks opened up.  And, each trunk has a different theme.  They had a CandyLand, Toy Story, Snoopy themes.  The people dress up in costumes to go along with the theme of their trunk and hand out candy.  It seems like nobody really trick-or-treats anymore.  It is too sketchy to go up to random people’s houses and ask for candy.  When I was little it was so normal.  Now, it just isn’t a thing.

I was going to go as the Hulk because when your 4-year-old ask you to dress up as his second favorite superhero, you deliver.  But, I couldn’t find the right green paint.  I painted myself twice last night and both times it turned out horrible.  The colors were such off colored green.  I ended up having an extra Iron Man mask and I went as Momma Iron Man and my 4-year-old was Kid Iron Man.

Regardless if I still had random green splotches of paint stuck on me, we had a great time.

Now I am off to finish up some homework before we head out of town.  I hope everyone is having a great day in their corner of the world!

Until next time


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