Well, hello there! I skipped the entire month of December and  almost half of January blogs.  I have been busy. At the very end of November, I interviewed for a management position at the company I have been at for six years.  And, I GOT IT!  So, the month of December was spent being busy, busy, … More Changes

GoPro Hero 3

My GoPro Hero 3 just came in the mail!  I am so excited about it! Has anyone else gotten one?  How did you like it? I will be posting pictures over the next few days! So excited!  It is Christmas time in August! -Tiffany

The ignorance.

Well hello there! If you are like me and didn’t watch the Super Bowl you might have also missed the commercials.  Unless you have watched them since the game.  One of the most controversial commercials that is getting a lot of back fire is the Coca Cola Super Bowl commercial. If you haven’t seen it … More The ignorance.

Hate & Love

  This quote from MLK JR. really stands out for me.  Maybe its because I have seen first hand how hate can truly destroy people.  I find it so strange that people can go so far out of their way to just HATE other people.  For the way they dress, the people they like, or … More Hate & Love

Little moments.

You know those moments that only happen a few times in your life.  Where the entire world seems to slip away?  All of your worries and problems just slowly slide off of you and exist elsewhere for a few moments.  You take in a deep breath and you are filled a primal need….an urge…to just … More Little moments.