lost my creativity

Wellllll Hellllooooooo there!!!!!!! As a writer I find it hard sometimes to well…WRITE!  It’s like I have to be REALLY motivated to get the wheels turning and start again.  But, when I do I can easily write thousands of words in just hours.  Here lately I have felt just unmotivated to start writing again.  I … More lost my creativity

Hello 2014!

Wwweelllllllll Helllllloooooooooo there! It is 2014!  I have to say I am so excited for this new year!  Lots of very wonderful and exciting things will and already have happened in just the last few days!  Do you ever feel like you just know that things will be good?  I have a strong feeling that … More Hello 2014!

Shawshank Redemption

Well HELLLLLLOOOOO THERE!  I have been doing a lot of self evaluation and mediation lately and one thing I come back to over and over again are things that make me happy.  Things that evoke emotions in me and make me want to believe all things ARE possible. When I was ten years old I … More Shawshank Redemption